We offer 3 hourly contract rates, based on the time and day of your preferred service.

Your VM Residential contract rate, includes insurance.

Before the start of any VM residential contract, our sales team will discuss your personal requirements, and design a bespoke cleaning schedule for your living space.

This ensures consistency and quality control, and offers you the opportunity to design your personal cleaning schedule.

We are so confident you will love our service, we do not ask you to sign any long term contract!

To arrange your bespoke cleaning service call us now on 0203 865. 8365

£13.00 per hour

0830 -1730 Monday - Thursday

Inclusive of insurance

£14.25 per hour

0830 - 1730 Friday

0830 - 1300 Saturday

Inclusive of insurance

£15.00 per hour

Out of contract hourly charge

Weekend and evening service included

Signature scent service

Inclusive of insurance

All customers are offered their own personal WhatsApp group to contact our service team directly

Our Premium customers are also offered our Signature scent service after each cleaning session .

Your living space will be fragranced and sanitised, leaving you refreshed and replenished

Just another way we are breathing fresh air into your world

Vast Maintenance Limited are proud members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science and as such our work is highly skilled and accredited

Membership number 16013180

Residential Cleaning Questions and Answers

Our cleaners are all selected by our director Pierre De OB Chamois and trained by our area manager, Vagner De Oliveira Barros.

Pierre brings a wealth of experience to VM, having worked within the management team of British Airways for over 25 years.

Vagner has project managed facilities management at some of London’s top educational facilities.

All our cleaning operators are vetted and trained to the British Institute of Cleaning standard, prior to working on any of our cleaning contracts.
We are able to supply all cleaning materials should you require, and we discuss this with you prior to the start of your contract.

All Clients are different, and we are proud to also offer you the opportunity to ‘go green ‘with your cleaning provisions, at an extra cost.

Also because we buy in bulk, we are able to offer competitive prices for our cleaning materials.

This adds even greater value to the VM brand
During out initial assessment of your job, we will discuss how you prefer our staff to gain access to your property.

We train staff to manage all property entry requirements, such as security alarms and property securing procedures.

As a limited company, and fully insured, most clients trust us to have a copy of their keys, which we hold in a security vault at our premises.

Our staffs are also security vetted and chosen to work for us based on a full identity and reference check.

Should you wish to have the same cleaning operator every time, we also give you full details of their identity documents and contact details.

This is an understood policy for all our staff that we discuss with them prior to employment.

Also, VM operators wear our VM uniform and identity badge.

This adds to the level of security we provide our clients. We treat your premises like our own, and never take your security for granted.
You pay us directly either at the time of Booking, or by direct debit. You are never required to pay the cleaning operator directly.

We also accept payments by credit card and PayPal.
Yes, we use a secure payment process using the latest encryption security.
All cancelations notified 24 hours prior to the time are handled at no cost to the client. Any cancelation within a 24-hour window is liable for a £15 cancelation charge.
Yes, we often receive last minute bookings and it will be our pleasure to assist you.
We are insured by Hiscox Insurance, and we will supply insurance details to all new clients.
We are a premium contract cleaning company, and Our service does not aim to compete with low cost Companies or products.

Also we would encourage you to employ a company That is fully insured, as we are.

Many contract cleaning companies do not offer Liability insurance, and as such rely on the cleaners to individually deal with the customer’s complaint.

With us your property is covered.

Also we are a premium contract cleaning company and as such you will notice a higher level of customer service than you may receive from a cheaper brand.

We recognise that your premises mean a great deal to You. Therefore, don’t you deserve the best?

We also offer a service guarantee; we will not be happy until you are.
We are proud to offer
  • 0800 Concierge ( holiday flat management and cleaning )
  • 0800 DIY ( Your easy handyman by the hour )
  • Oven Refresh

Please refer to each section on this website for more information
Our company statement Is the basis of our customer interaction. We believe in creating healthy business relationships, Based on excellent service and respect for our Customer. Also for our Premium contract customers we infuse your living space with a signature scent of orange blossom, lemon and thyme. The effect when you enter your home will be the same as the experience of most 5 star hotels.

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