At Vast Maintenance Limited, we believe that diversity and Inclusion are essential to the success of our business, and are the pillars of our business plan. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, we know that we can only succeed when we attract and retain employees who reflect the diversity of our consumers.

In line with our commitment to responsible employment and improving working conditions for cleaners. We support the Equality and Human rights commission’s campaign for cleaners. We will never use products that put our staff and clients at risk, and we pay our staff above the minimum wage.

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to:

  • Gender equality.

  • The LGBT community.

  • Equal rights for people of colour.

  • Support and equality for customers and staff with disabilities.

  • No discrimination in the workplace.

VM is proud that we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, and age. We achieve this by:

  • Equal opportunity employment process.

  • Diversity training for all employees.

  • Support and membership of recognised organisations that support equality.

That is what we mean when we say ‘Breathing Fresh Air into Your World’.

Our staff are professional, discreet, and fully trained. We welcome clients from the entertainment industry and thank our existing client base. We are also leaders in the area of LGBT Service and members of GBA.

We support customers with disabilities, by tailoring our service to your requirements. Please contact us should you want to discuss your individual needs.

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