Our professional handyman provides numerous indoors services in a variety of areas including general maintenance and cleaning, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry and renovations.

£45.00 per hour for everyday handyman jobs, and £19.00 per hour for our personal assistant delivery/appointment service.

£60.00 per hour weekend and evening rate.

For more complex jobs we will prepare an individual quote.

£19.00 per hour concierge delivery service

We once again remain distinctly more affordable than most handyman and concierge services.

You can also combine the above 2 services, and let us be your handyman whilst we wait for your delivery.

  • Trash disposal.

  • Replace light bulbs.

  • Tighten cabinetry or appliance hardware.

  • Fix leaking pipes.

  • Replace windows.

  • Touch-up painted surfaces.

  • Fix broken tiles.

  • Polish floors.

  • Cut and lay new tiles.

  • Install flooring.

  • Assemble prefabricated and custom-built furniture or cabinets.

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Commercial Spaces

Public Spaces
Carpet Care
Handyman Services

From £13.00 p/h inclusive of insurance
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Additional Services:
VM Spring Clean
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